AZ Women in Food

A movement created to support local, women-led food businesses.

AZ Women in Food 2022 Labor Day Collaboration

Labor Day AZ Women in Food Collab Packages

An introduction to our members – support local women-owned businesses with this shelf-stable mix of sweets, recipe kits, seasonings, snacks and more.

Three Locations to pick up on Friday and Saturday September 2nd/3rd 10am – 3pm.

Order by 7pm August 30th!

Enjoy Gwen’s Granola from FnB, Potato Chips from The Market, Red Chile Sauce from Joybus, French Lentil kit and recipe from Farish House, Piri Piri and Herbes de Provence Spice Packs and recipes from Tracy Demsey Originals, Confectionery from d’Vine Gourmet, Tinned Seafood Conserva from Far Away Wine & Provisions, and Esso Coffee! Also collateral and deals from our members.

Advance purchased bags can be picked up on Fri/Sat Sept 2/3 at three locations between 10am and 3pm: TDO in Tempe, The Joy Bus in Phoenix, and D’Vine Gourmet in Chandler.


AZ Women in Food - Members

FnB - Charlene Badman
Charleen Badman
JBF Women of Arizona - Sweet Republic - Helen Yung
Helen Yung
Sweet Republic
Joy Bus Diner - Jennifer Caraway
Jennifer Caraway
The Joy Bus Diner
The Market by Jennifer - Jennifer Russo
Jennifer Russo
The Market by Jennifer's
Kelsey Strothers - Worth
Kelsey Strothers
Worth Takeaway
Hana Japanese Eatery - Lori Hashimoto
Lori Hashimoto
Hana Japanese Eatery
JBF Women of Arizona - Lori Hassler - The Farish House
Lori Hassler
The Farish House
Maya's Cajun Kitchen - Maya Bartlett
Maya Bartlett
Maya's Cajun Kitchen
Monique Burns - The Positive Chef
Monique Burns
The Positive Chef
Pat Jasmin - Far Away Wine and Provisions
Pat Jasmin
Far Away Wine & Provisions
24 Carrots - Sasha Raj
Sasha Raj
24 Carrots
JBF Women of AZ - Shannon Rush - The Cellar
Shannon L. Rush
The Cellar
Tamara Morken - THAT Brewery
Tamara Morken
THAT Brewery
Tracy Dempsey's Originals - Tracy Dempsey
Tracy Dempsey
Tracy Dempsey's Originals
Nonna Urban Eatery - Valentina Huerta
Valentina Huerta
Nonna Urban Eatery

What's this about?

AZWomenInFood is an alliance fostered by Let’s Talk Womxn a national collaboration born from the 2020 Covid-19 crisis and the James Beard Foundation Women's Leadership Program.

Let’s Talk forums connect over 350 women restaurateurs/owners across 12 cities, with both virtual sessions and on the ground initiatives.

Let’s Talk Womxn was started as a conversation forum in July 2020 for women restaurateurs to get to know each other, vent, learn from & support each other. It has explosively evolved to much more – to help women business owners build bargaining power, build visibility, combine our voice, and undertake joint economic and political action.

The goal of Let's Talk is simply to build camaraderie and harness the combined economic power of our women entrepreneurs through this crisis and beyond.

Let’s Talk is a business initiative of women restaurateurs who are battling jointly to survive this crisis. It is a story of collaboration and hope amidst doom. We are happy to share our “B cube model” to inspire other sectors and all women.

Let’s Talk is founded and led by Rohini Dey, Ph.D. Vermilion restaurateur in Chicago, former McKinsey & Co. and The World Bank, former trustee/founder/chair of the James Beard Foundation Women's Leadership Program for a decade.

We are jointly promoting our sustainable success through the pandemic and beyond, proudly working together to boost small business, learn from each other, and to share and create opportunities. We are stronger together! 

This January, 2021, AZWomenInFood launched our first initiative: offering multi-restaurant tasting menus across the Valley. Fifteen of the Valley’s leading Women chefs and restauranteurs participated in this round! More collaborative dinner series are to come.