Let’s Talk & Celebrate. Women’s History Month National Bashes. Gold. Glamour. Gourmet.

Let’s Talk Womxn will hold gourmet celebrations to kick off Women’s History Month by our 700+ leading women restaurateurs/entrepreneurs in each of our 14-16 cities. First week of March. A national – maybe international – gourmet women power footprint celebration for dining. See our 2022 national video 2022 WHM/IWD Let’s Talk & Celebrate and Chicago 2022 Let’s Talk & Celebrate Chicago.

Tasting stations by 15-30 women owned businesses in each city, cocktails, DJ, entertainment, bags of Let’s Talk Womxn goodies, the works. This will be THE women hosted party for the entire city. All men and women are welcome to come, drenched in gold and glamour to revel in their city’s gourmet power.

Phoenix Metro Celebration
Gold. Glamour. Gourmet.

Tasting stations, wine, cocktails, DJ, Burlesque entertainment, and an all around good time with our family of women entrepreneurs in Food and Drink.

March 2, 2023

The Farish House
816 N 3rd St
Phoenix, AZ 85004